About Us

friends_circle-300x300 (1)BUGS Bioscience is a spin-out of the Bacterial Microarray Group at St George’s, University of London (BµG@S). Founded in 2002, through the Wellcome Trust’s Functional Genomics Initiative, BµG@S established a global centre of excellence for pathogen microarrays and genomics, supporting a collaborative network of researchers worldwide for over 10 years.

BµG@S was one of the first customers of BlueGnome Ltd, a Cambridge based, molecular diagnostics start-up that pioneered the use of microarrays in clinical genetics, before being acquired in 2012 by Illumina Inc. BlueGnome offered customers a complete package of microarrays, reagents, equipment and analysis software, to support a fully integrated workflow for clinical laboratories from sample to report.

BUGS Bioscience was founded by Jason Hinds of BµG@S, and BlueGnome co-founder Graham Snudden, initially in order to meet the growing demand for high quality molecular serotyping services. Originally developed and supported by BµG@S, the pneumococcal molecular serotyping platform has been widely utilised by academic groups, NGOs and vaccine companies involved in the surveillance, development and delivery of pneumococcal vaccines worldwide.

Critically BUGS Bioscience is run as a collaborative, not-for-profit, enterprise in which revenues from its service activities are reinvested in further development of its integrated technology and software platform with the clear aim of supporting the organisations that seek to conquer infectious disease, particularly in children, through universal vaccination.