Our Services

Royal_Veterinary_College,_Royal_College_Street_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1561164From our London based service laboratory we currently provide pharmaceutical companies and NGOs involved in vaccine development and roll-out with advanced molecular surveillance services in order to deliver improved understanding of vaccine impact on pathogen carriage and associated disease. Services are typically based around our validated molecular serotyping microarray based platforms, although we also have the option to complement this with genome sequencing depending upon customer requirements.

Uniquely BUGS Bioscience maintains close links with leading academic groups in the field, both through their contribution to our technology but also through our commitment to a business ethos in which profits from our commercial operations are reinvested in improving the global molecular surveillance of infectious disease. This creates a collaborative framework for new partnerships to address new challenges and deliver new solutions.

Contact us at contact@bugsbio.org for further information on how we can enable you to better understand your samples or to discuss new challenges.